Frequently Asked Questions


NO. The treatment is done with an anesthetic cream. It is applied 30 minutes prior to the procedure.

Approximately 30 minutes.

For most people 48 hours. Rarely, skin peeling can last for 5-7 days.

It depends of your skin condition and which treatment is best for each individual’s needs. Example: acne and other scars respond best with 3-5 treatments (one per month). Fine lines respond beautifully with as little as 1-2 treatments. Number of treatments also vary depending on how well you take care of your skin, your water consumption and whether you are a smoker or not (non-smokers respond much faster to treatments than smokers).

Results are cumulative. Treatments can be done every 4 weeks.

Like everything else, maintenance is required since we continue aging. After initial treatments, some people have it done two to three times a year, others once a year.

Fat Spot Reduction

The needles used are very small and most of the injections are painless. The solution injected is combined with an anesthetic (lidocaine).

15-20 minutes depending of the size of the area being treated.

Most of the time, after 3 sessions.  In the case of a double chin, one session may be enough.

The results tend to be permanent if you follow a healthy diet and maintain a normal weight.

NO.The fat that is eliminated in the treated areas does not reappear in new areas. If you have an unhealthy diet, you will regain weight and will develop new fat deposits as a result of the unhealthy diet but not because of the procedure.